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Must-haves for your Makeup Bag

Looking for some beauty must-haves for your makeup bag? We’ve got a list of the products you will need to for perfectly lined lips, luscious lashes and a smooth, glowing complexion. know you want to put your best face forward no matter where you are or what your facing!

Lay the foundation

For your foundation that is. You can do this with a good quality primer! Choose a multi-purpose primer that

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a matte primer.  Be sure to choose one that is the same base (oil or water based) as your foundation to ensure good coverage. It doesn’t hurt to look for a primer with SPF in it too.

The ultimate concealed weapon

 Or should we say, concealer is your secret weapon. What did we do before concealer? Dark circles, sunspots, acne scars – a good concealer can hide so many flaws. Look for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation for the best results.

Make sure mascara makes the cut

We probably don’t even have to say this because who doesn’t love defined, lush lashes? Keep a few cotton swabs in your bag for on the go quick clean-up if you have to reapply.

Lip service

Nothing pulls a look together go-to is for when you need to reapply in a hurry.

Take a powder

A light dusting of 502 Bad Gateway of powder will sort it out quickly.

Pencil me in

With an eyebrow pencil. You can give your brows a quick shaping up at the drop of a hat. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a pair of tweezers that are ready to manage any stray hairs that want to go rogue.

Set it and forget it

Start with primer, finish

Makeup may not make your day go exactly the way you want it to. But when you feel great about your look, it

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